FAAC solutions allow for simple and unobtrusive intervention, thanks to motors that can work optimally while being completely unnoticed: they are integrated in the box of the screen and are not noisy, which are indispensable requirements to guarantee 100% comfort from every aspect.


You can guarantee the extraordinary ease of opening and closing one or more screens with a single motion when activating them at a distance, and you can also benefit from significant energy savings.


Below is a short guide on how to identify the most suitable FAAC solution for your requirements from the many available.

How to save energy, in every sense.

Thanks to the button and the remote control, you can always activate the screen without going outside and without opening the window, hence, avoiding unnecessary energy waste caused by changes in the temperature in the rooms.

Even care is automatic.

FAAC has thought of everything. Even about preserving the screen and making it last longer.

That’s why the TM45 E R motor is self-adjusting, to always guarantee that the screen closes perfectly. When the screen is rolled up correctly when not used, it is not exposed to the sun or weather elements that can cause increased wear and ageing of the fabric.


To help you choose, or if you just want to know more, you can always count on the professionalism of our specialists or trusted installers. Contact them for an inspection, a quotation or just for additional information.