E844 3PH

Electronic control unit

Use application field

For sliding motors 230V – 400V 3PH


Item code

E844 3PH



E844 3PH

Power supply voltage

230V~ 3PH (+6% -10%) – 400V~ 3PH+N (+6% -10%) 50(60) Hz

Max. power

3 W

Motor max power

1500 W

Max. accessories load

24 V 500 mA

Bus 2easy 500 mA

Max. flashing light load

230 V ~ 60W max

Operating ambient temperature

-20 °C ÷ +55 °C

Stopping space with 844 R 3PH

8 cm

Stopping space with 844 MC 3PH

8 cm

Programmable functions

Logics (E, EP,A , AP, S, b, C), Pause time, Partial pause time, Failsafe, Soft start, Pre-limit switch deceleration, Encoder obstacle detection sensitivity, Partial opening width, Output1 configuration, Output2 configuration, Pre-flashing.

Terminal board inputs

Open, Partial Open, Safeties in opening, Safeties in closing, Limit switch, Priority during opening, Priority during closing.

Terminal board outputs

Flashing light, motor, accessories