Electronic control unit

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For 24V swing gate operators

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  • Thanks to the new 2easy and OMNIdec technologies it is compatible with the XF 433/XF 868 quick insert module (connector set-up), with the external receivers and with XP 15B and XP 20B D photocells (“BUS” connection).
  • The BUS XIB interface is provided for the connection of traditional photocells.


Item code





Power supply voltage

220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Max. power

4 W

Motor max power

150 W x 2

Max. accessories load

250 mA – 400 mA BUS 2easy


Programming via buttons

Operating logic

A, E, AP, EP, A1, B, C

Programmable functions

(*) Logic (A, E, AP, EP, A1, B, C), Speed (high/slow)*, pause time, 2nd leaf closing delay

Work time (time-out)

5 minutes (fixed)

Pause time

Varies according to learning (max. 10 min.)

Terminal board inputs

Open A, Open B, Stop, BUS (I/O)

Terminal board outputs

Motors, Flashing lights, Accessories power, electric lock, Contact service light (90 sec fix)

Rapid connector

Power supply, XF 433 or XF 868 Module

Integrated radio coding

DS, SLH, RC, LC (max 250 channels)

Protection Fuses

F1 = self-resetting – F2 = T2A-250V~

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C

* Motor types (391, 413, 415, 390, 770N, S450H); wind resistant, reverse stroke, soft touch, pre-flashing, leaf opening/closing delay, pause time

Enclosure mod. E for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720119||

Enclosure mod. L for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720118||

Enclosure mod. LM for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720309||

Release lock with key for mod. L and LM


||valuta|| ||712805||

BUS XIB interface

(for E045 or E045S or E024S boards with photocell no BUS)


||valuta|| ||790062||