The radio system simplifies the installations creation (including complex ones) with no needs of wire cabling activities between safety edges and the automation’s control board.

The radio system is made of a XRS 868 radio receiver able to connect with XTS 868 transmitters, one or two resistive safety edges 8,2 KOhm can be connected to the transmitters or auxiliary devices.

Each radio receiver XRS 868 is able to manage up to 6 tramsmitters XTS868, i.e up to 12 safety edges mod. XS55 (8,2 KOhm).

The XRS 868 receiver allows cabling to the standard control boards equipped with safety inputs N.C. o 8,2 KOhm through independent relay outputs, or to FAAC control boards equipped with BUS 2easy through just 2 non polarized wires.

Technical specifications


XRS 868

Power supply voltage

BUS 2easy o 12-24V __logo__DC__ / ~

Installation type


Receiving Frequency

868 Mhz

Frequency self-regulation

on 4 channels

Absorbed current

54 mA


4 each transmitter

Max number of transmitters

6 (XTS 868)

Terminal board inputs

Power supply/BUS, Test (FAIL-SAFE)

Terminal board outputs

Relay 1 (N.C. o 8K2) - Relay 2 (N.C. o 8K2) - Relay 1+2 (N.O/N.C.) - Battery level

Protection class


Dimensions (LxDxH)

84 x 36,5 x 112 mm

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C